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Solved: Suggestions for Fixing 0x800ccc62 Error

Summary: 0x800ccc62 problems may pop up because of misconfigured system files in your windows operating system. Then you will find that your Opening programs will be slower and response times lag as well. Most Importantly, If you run several program at the same time, your PC will encounter sudden crash and unexpected freezes. The main reason for 0x800ccc62 problems are startup clutter, registry errors, RAM decline, fragmented files, unnecessary or redundant program installations, etc.

Solution: Repairing 0x800ccc62 problem can not be that easy. In order to fix your errors and speed up PC, it is recommended that your download the '0x800ccc62 Repair Tool'. It's an amazing software which is designed for users to troubleshoot 0x800ccc62 errors efficiently..

Download the 0x800ccc62 repair tool

In order to repair 0x800ccc62 error, use the SmartPCFixer software program. This optimization tool is already proven to locate, identify, and remove 0x800ccc62 errors. Your computer should run faster and smoother after using this software.

What Else Does SmartPCFixer Offer You?

SmartPCFixer™ is not only able to troubleshoot 0x800ccc62 error, but also help identify and fix Windows' invalid registry entries. By running Scan & Cleaner as part of scheduled maintenance, it will keep your PC from freezing or frequent crashes . Using it will reduce the probability of you getting a "blue screen", program not responding or lock up.

SmartPCFixer is designed to scan, diagnose and repair your operating system. Using it results in better optimization, manages startup and desktop, assists you with maintaining browser objects, internet options, system service, and repairs file extensions. With this arsenal of powerful, sophisticated utilities your system is tuned to run at its optimal state. Included are Easy Repair Wizard, Error Utilities, File Association fixer, Register ActiveX, Shortcuts Fixer, Winsock2 Repair toolkit, Dll Fixer and more.


0x800ccc62 file is really an important files for your system. You should never ignore it. Above all, 0x800ccc62 fixer is your ideal choice that will help you speed up computer in the shortest time.

buy smartpcfixer

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My computer keeps shutting down and then when i log back in I receive "the system has recovered from a serious error" DNS_ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_SIGNING_KEY_DESCRIPTORS problem. It's really a big challenge for me to solve DNS_ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_SIGNING_KEY_DESCRIPTORS problem. Doe SmartPCFixer really work? Can you offer me an effective way to repair my computer error?

I suggest you to perform the methods provided below and check if it helps.

Method 1:Troubleshoot DNS_ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_SIGNING_KEY_DESCRIPTORS error with the help of SmartPCFixer.

1. Click the below button to download SmartPCFixer.

download smartpcfixer

2. Double-click the software, you will see the below interface.

smartpcfixer screenshot

3. Click [Quick Scan] to run a whole scan for your computer.

4. Click [Fix All] to troubleshoot DNS_ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_SIGNING_KEY_DESCRIPTORS problem.

Method 2: Run a system restore for your OS.

System Restore is a master key to troubleshoot DNS_ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_SIGNING_KEY_DESCRIPTORS issue.

System Restore helps you restore your computer's system files to an earlier point in time. Typically, you want to restore your computer to a restore point that was created just before the date and time when you started noticing problems. The descriptions of the restore points that are created automatically correspond with the name of an event, such as Windows Update installing an update. System Restore returns your computer to the state that it was in before the restore point that you choose. ---Quote from Microsoft website.

Windows 8 Restore:

1.From the Windows 8 Start screen, type "Restore." The top result in the right-side Search panel should be "Create a restore point." Even though that's not what we're doing today, that's the choice you want to make. It opens the Control Panel to the Systems Properties dialog's System Protection tab
2. Tap the first button on that property sheet: System Restore. This opens a wizard-like dialog, the first page of which says "Restore system files and settings" Here you get another chance to see which programs will be lost and gained. Tap "Next."
you'll see a dialog with a choice of system restore points.

Windows 7 Restore:

1.Open System Restore by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button. In the search box, type System Restore, and then, in the list of results, click System Restore.‍ Administrator permission required If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
2.Click Recommended restore, and then click Next.
3.If there isn't a recommended restore point, follow the steps below to choose a specific restore point.
4.Review the restore point, and then click Finish.


DNS_ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_SIGNING_KEY_DESCRIPTORS file is definitely an important files for your system. You should never ignore it. In a conclusion, DNS_ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_SIGNING_KEY_DESCRIPTORS removal tool is your ideal choice that will help you solve problem with ease.

buy smartpcfixer

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Excluding Annuitist Testimony With RFTM Law

Daniel B. Pleasant, CLA, CAS

Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn


The parents of a baby boy who was brain damaged at birth retained you to be their son’s lawyer. It’s been four years of long hours, hard work, and sleepless nights. Finally, after overcoming the multitude of obstacles facing a medical malpractice plaintiff, the day of reckoning is near. Your life care planner has evaluated the financial needs to care for the child for the rest of his life: $85 million. Your economist has reduced that figure to present cash value: $17 million. On the eve of trial, expert disclosures are exchanged. In reviewing the defendant doctor’s disclosure, you see that she has disclosed an “annuitist” who will testify concerning the cost of an annuity to fund the plaintiff’s lifetime care. A few calls to colleagues and a review of this “expert’s” prior testimony lead you to believe that the annuist will opine that an annuity can be purchased for $4 million to fund the life care plan. Suddenly, the potential value of your case has suffered a fourfold decline. Now what do you do?

“Annuitists” are often disclosed as expert witnesses by defendants in personal injury cases. These experts, who are often no more than salespeople for a particular insurance company, attempt to offer testimony concerning the cost of an annuity to provide injured plaintiffs with an income stream to compensate them for lost earnings or support or to provide a source of income to fund future medical care. The admissibility of this type of expert testimony has not been directly ruled on by California courts1, but it would appear unlikely that the appellate courts would find such testimony admissible for the reasons discussed below. This article reviews cases, from California as well as other jurisdictions, which have addressed the issue, and suggests a strategy for crafting a motion in limine to preclude the expert testimony of annuitists.

Attack Annuitist Testimony as Irrelevant to the Issue Before the Trier of Fact

All future damages must be reduced to “present cash value” by the trier of fact.2 “The present value of a gross award of future damages is that sum of money prudently invested at the time of judgment which will return, over the period the future damages are incurred, the gross amount of the award.”3 One potential argument for the exclusion of annuitist testimony is that the cost of an annuity is not relevant to a determination of the operative issue―the present cash value of the gross amount of future damages.

The only California case that even touches on this subject is Emery v. Southern Cal. Gas Co. (1946) 72 Cal.App.2d 821, 826. In Emery, the trial court had excluded plaintiff’s proffer of an actuary to present annuity tables in evidence as indicia of the present value of the heirs’ future loss of support in a wrongful death case. The Court of Appeal reversed, stating that the tables should have been admitted subject to an instruction that such evidence was “not conclusive as to the amount to be awarded as damages, but is only one of several elements to be considered in determining the amount to be awarded.”

Plaintiff’s counsel should point out Emery involves annuity tables, which are admissible as some evidence of present cash value, but says nothing concerning the admissibility of an annuitist’s testimony as to the cost of an annuity to fund a particular plaintiff’s future damages. Later California decisions which discuss annuity evidence in other contexts reinforce this distinction.

These cases suggest that the presentation of annuity evidence would serve no purpose other than to confuse the jury concerning its role in personal injury cases. The jury is to determine the amount of money that if paid immediately to plaintiff would compensate him for his future losses. The California Supreme Court has stated in connection with future noneconomic damages:

To avoid confusion regarding the jury’s task in future cases, we conclude that when future noneconomic damages are sought, the jury should be instructed expressly that they are to assume that an award of future damages is a present value sum, i.e., they are to determine the amount in current dollars paid at the time of judgment that will compensate a plaintiff for future pain and suffering.4

Similarly, future economic damages are reduced to present cash value by the jury. (CACI No. 3904.) The Comment to former BAJI No. 16.01 is also instructive:

[T]he Salgado court concluded that when an award for future economic damages is made by the jury is a present value sum, the plaintiff is entitled (if the payments are made over time) to a schedule based upon the present value determined by the jury. In other words, even if defendant can obtain an annuity that over time matches the total economic damages determined by the jury, at a lesser cost, the plaintiff is entitled to the benefit of the jury’s determination of the present value, and what that amount will produce as an annuity.5

Thus, the California Supreme Court has recognized that present cash value, and the cost to fund an award, are two separate and distinct concepts. California juries are only required to make findings with regard to the former.

Language in some California cases which suggests that the cost of an annuity is evidence of the “total value” of periodic payments is inapposite. Those case are referencing separate determinations concerning certain Civil Code provisions which are made by the trial court only after the jury has made a present cash value determination.6 Further, California courts have repeatedly endorsed the “investment” approach for the jury’s determination of present cash value.7

Holt v. Regents of the Univ. of California (1999) 73 Cal.App.4th 871 is instructive. In Holt, the First District Court of Appeal specifically warned of the danger of confusing the cost of an annuity to fund payment of a judgment with the underlying present value of the judgment itself:

In their concern over the use of an annuity, the parties tend to confuse two separate concepts:

(1) the manner in which the defendant complies with a judgment for periodic payments, and

(2) the present value of the gross award. As a rule, the manner in which the defendant complies with a judgment ordering periodic payments of economic damages in a MICRA case is the defendant’s decision, regardless of any finding of present value. For example, the defendant can fund the judgment itself simply by writing a check to the plaintiff each payment period, or it can purchase an annuity to fund the stream of payments ordered by the court.

Of course, both these alternatives leave the defendant liable for the balance of the judgment until it is fully satisfied. Assuming the plaintiff has not exercised his or her statutory right to periodic payments, the defendant can also pay the present cash value of the gross award in a lump sum and obtain a satisfaction of judgment...

Read the rest at http://rftmlaw.com/articles/?article=excluding-annuitist-testimony

At RFTM Law, we know what it takes to win! We understand the challenges individuals and families face when they seek recovery for their losses. Insurance companies stall. Big corporations employ big law firms to crush individuals... visit http://RFTMLaw.com for more!driverdownload.errorfixwiki.com is a good website for users who want to download, install and update drivers by themselves.
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Elegant Gift Baskets Suits Everyone's Demands

Everyone loves to celebrate with food.. Food comes in many different forms, therefore it's always a good option when celebrating a special event or occasion. So, when it comes to gifts, take a look all-around and also you can pick up any quantity of food gift things. Since time immemorial, foods have been given and received on all kinds of occasions. Unfortunatley, celebrations aren't complete without tasty foods and drinks. Building on this idea could be the concept of food gift baskets.

For the giver, food gift baskets open up the doors to creativity. The only point you need to know is precisely what your recipient likes and then it is possible to customize a gfit holder to his or her liking.

A health freak would surely appreciate a food gift basket that contains an assorted range of organic foods as well as other healthful snacks and fruits. To the accurate foodie, you are able to go all out and pick up heavy stuff like, baked goodies, preferred ethnic food and drinks. Rest assured it will likely be a correct indulgence. In the course of Christmas time, fill up the food gift basket with property produced cakes, cookies, chocolates and candies even though at the identical time which includes some salted snacks to break the monotony of sweet goodies. You may not just turn out to be a favorite with children but even the adults are going to be touched by your thoughtfulness.

You'll find other holiday gourmet gift basket suggestions. If your gearing up for that holidays, you may add 1 or 2 bottles of fine wine, as well as elegant gourmet food. For the coffee buffs, a food gift basket containing some roasted snacks and pick out espresso bags would send them on a stimulating and aromatic trip. They'll keep in mind you with fantastic affection each and every time the coffee aroma wafts by means of their home. Should you really feel uncertain and do not know what to fill up the food gift basket with, there's a way out using the time tested fruit container. Here too, it is possible to use your creativity towards the hilt. Play with colors and mix and match fruits to either come up using a single color theme or generate a riot of colours as a result of fruits. A different solution to design a fruit gift basket is always to opt for fruits from particular regions like, tropical fruits or temperate fruits. Put some thought into the task and also you will surprise yourself with your very own creativity and imagination.

The beauty of a food gift basket is not just that it tickles the taste buds and arouses the senses but also that it offers tremendous opportunities towards giver to develop a thing original and really distinctive. It offers fantastic satisfaction to see a well-designed food gift basket, loaded with assorted stuffs which are intended to warm the soul of the receiver.

To further improve the pleasure of receiving a food gift basket, you are able to consider placing a few knick-knacks like, a coffee mug for the Uncle who survives on coffee, or a recipe book for your lady that you know has a passion for cooking. Making your gift baskets personable will definitley impress your recipient.

At the same time, there may well be those who have small time to spare to craft a food gift basket on their individual. Readymade food gift baskets obtainable on the web can be of immense assist here.

One particular gift that goes effectively for all occasions and for all men and women is often a food gift basket. It also happens to be the shortest route to the hearts of people.

Katie Steinberger is really a http://www.thebasketspot.com/gourmet-gift-baskets-c-9.html specialist. If you are seeking an elegant present, with allot of class, consider a http://www.thebasketspot.com/ with lots of goodies!DNS_ERROR_SOA_DELETE_INVALID,ERROR_HANDLE_DISK_FULL,RC92D130.DLL Not Found,Windows Error 800b0100
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Make your way across town: taxi hire Boston services

The easiest way to travel around town is either with your own car or – for an even more relaxed experience, with private car hire Boston. Wherever you want to go in UK's Boston, or outside the city's limits, you can look for taxi hire Boston services and a reliable company which has proven to offer quality services and good prices.

What are the most important qualities a private car hire Boston company should have? First of all, promptitude and reliability; these two are essential if you want the best services. When you need to go from one place to another in a limited amount of time, you can't wait for a cab or go by public transport, no; you need prompt services from taxi hire Boston companies which can take you to your desired destination safely, comfortably and in time. For professional companies, your time is very precious, so a reliable company will always guarantee prompt services. This will imply being there on time, but also arriving to the destination in time. Planning your journey ahead can be important so that you avoid traffic jams and the rush hour hectic traffic.

The great thing about travelling by private car hire Boston is that you don't need to keep to a schedule, and you don't have to wait for the taxi or public means of transportation. For a businessman on a business trip to Boston, taxi hire Boston might just be the only option suitable, in order to be punctual at meetings and any other events. You have all the reasons to choose taxi hire Boston as your preferred means of travelling: private car hire Boston companies offer not only prompt services, but also excellent customer service. All chauffeurs are authorized and they have been trained to be at your service and provide flawless services, either it is stopping by a flower shop to pick up an order you made, deliver something for your or take you to a destination you need to be at. Moreover, private car hire Boston is not just for individuals; groups can also travel at their leisure, in comfort and style thanks to the group services provided by some taxi hire firms. Minibuses with all the necessary comfort are available for those who travel in higher numbers – a company opportunity which you shouldn't miss.

Private car travelling is by far the best way to travel, because of the many advantages it brings. Besides being able to leave when you want, where you want, you can also be sure that the car or cars you travel in will be perfectly comfortable. These firms invest constantly in cleaning, upgrading, checking vehicles and training staff to perform at high standards. Tests of the cars are taken every 6 months, so you can have peace of mind knowing the car you're driving is ready for the road and that all insurance needs have been covered. Private car hire is the easiest way to travel in and out of town.

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Ways to Rekindle Your Charming Side - Simple Ways to Revitalize a Partnership.

How you can revive your charming side - Simple ways to invigorate a relationship.

Many people believe that when the magic wanes in a relationship, it is either lost forever, or time to proceed to a new relationship; But, there are means to rekindle your enchanting side, and stimulate up the connection again. From getting the best present on holidays or for no factor at all, to taking a shock enchanting getaway, or reviving your promises, there are many points couples can do, to try and rekindle your enchanting side and restore the spark.

The best gift - With Valentine's Day right in front of our eyes, the appropriate gift could go a long way. Message in a bottle gifts, are several of the most charming. You could have a personalized message written, order bundles, or create a straightforward I like you, and have it sealed in liquor, for a present she is expecteded to remember. Precious jewelry, or any other well thing she has actually been asking for, will also go a long way when given with this message present. This is a simple way to rekindle your charming side, and show her you care, when she things you have actually neglected how you can do little points just for her.

Take a trip - An additional basic way to revive your romantic side is to take a refuge with each other. Take a long weekend and visit a B&B; head out of community for a couple of days, on an unintended travel. Often these little trips, getting you far from the monotony of daily life and the exact same regular, will certainly aid restore that trigger, and help to revive your charming side. Even if it is for just a couple of days, both events will certainly come back really feeling refreshed, and with a new expectation on the partnership.

Restore your vows - To aid rekindle your enchanting side in a marital relationship or connection that has been going on for several years, you can renew your vows. Set up a tiny event, with buddies and family, simply to show her you still care. The little motion will go a long way in revealing you still have an enchanting side, and still intend to do small things that will make her smile.

Surprise her - You could revive your charming side with tiny shocks. Go home early and ready supper, take her out on a surprise date, or do small things that show you appreciate her, when they are not expected. It does not have to be a marvelous gesture; small things go a long way, and will certainly aid keep the relationship fresh, and also will help to revive your enchanting side, when you discover your partnership may be experiencing some troubles.

For couples which wish to rekindle your charming side, it does not need to be some marvelous enchanting motion, or a costly gift you acquire, to reveal the other individual you care. In some cases little points, and small suggestions that break up the everyday, will help bring back the love, and aid bring brand-new life to your partnership. No matter where your connection is, exactly how new or old it is, or exactly what issues you are having, these are a few straightforward suggestions to aid you rekindle your enchanting side, and bring a fresh trigger back in to the partnership.

Check out this amazing blog message in a bottle for sale writing about relationship. Visit repeatedly to get the most up-to-date information and assistance on gift giving. http://messaginabottle.tumblr.com/0x80072eff Windows Update,Error 10061 Sql,ERROR_DS_BAD_HIERARCHY_FILE,FRS_ERR_CHILD_TO_PARENT_COMM,Windows Error Code 80080005
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How to Save Money Using Fleet Management Systems

The cost of running, maintaining and operating a fleet of vehicles can eat up a large part of a company’s budget. Managing that fleet efficiently is an absolute priority – particularly during an economic recession or period of financial hardship. Fleet management isn’t just about incorporating a vehicle tracking system or real time GPS tracking into vehicles. It’s about vehicle financing, fuel management, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management and a whole host of other aspects. With all that responsibility, any tool that makes a fleet manager’s life easier has to be a bonus.

Fleet management can be dealt with in-house, or alternatively it can be outsourced to a fleet management provider. Whether you choose to go down the self-management route or bring in a third party to do your fleet management for you, there are a number of tools at your disposal to help you save money. The most obvious is the inclusion of a GPS vehicle tracking system that relays real-time information to a central control, telling you exactly where all your fleet vehicles are at any time. Vehicle tracking systems don’t just tell you where your vehicles are – they can also give you diagnostic information regarding speed, fuel consumption and other operational aspects. By analysing this data, fleet managers can work out the most cost-effective routes, reduce fuel consumption due to excessive use of speed and streamline the operation making it more efficient.

Collating the data from the onboard computer and from data fed back to the base station also gives fleet managers the ability to ‘profile’ their drivers. If a driver is constantly speeding, a fleet manager will be able to chart this behaviour and find out the reason for it. If the driver is rushing to meet deadlines then the manager has the chance to re-plan the driver’s route, allowing him or her more time to meet deadlines and reduce fuel consumption as a result. Where fleet management systems have been incorporated into large organisations, a saving of up to 40% on annual fuel bills have been achieved – particularly important when you consider the constantly rising price of fuel.

Vehicle trackers can also help to reduce your fleet’s annual insurance costs. Insurance providers reward any attempts by fleet managers to minimise the chances of vehicles being stolen or used inappropriately, so by fitting a vehicle tracking system to your fleet vehicles you can also make considerable savings on your insurance premiums. Real time tracking also means faster recovery of stolen vehicles, minimising the impact to your daily operations and costing less in repairs or even replacing stolen and damaged vehicles.

Fleet management systems are designed to streamline operations, cut costs and increase efficiency. All of these will result in long-term savings to the company as a whole, and while the initial outlay of installing GPS tracking or fleet management system may seem high, the long-term benefits to the company far outweigh the initial expense. It also means that the company is more likely to be fully compliant with any legislation, the duty of care to employees and prove to be a worthwhile investment, no matter how big or small your fleet.

Kent Stabler – Marketing Manager – Chameleon Direct are suppliers of gps vehicle tracking systems, gps tracking devices, hands free car kits and speed camera detector equipment. Our vehicle tracking aims at helping improve your fleet management. With over 1 Million UK customers Chameleon Direct also provide hands free installation services.DNS_ERROR_SOA_DELETE_INVALID,0x8ddd0018,Tell Me More About How To Choose A Healthy Mineral Makeup Brand That Is Natural & Organic,Windows Error 800b0100
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Are You Thinking Of Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is one way people deal with their debt. However, it can have serious and long lasting consequences. The filing remains on ones credit report for at least seven years. In some cases it will remain on a person's credit history for up to ten years.

Because of recent legislation, it is not as easy to file as it once was. The filing has to be approved by the judge. There are many factors that will be examined. If it is determined that the person who has filed has the means to pay off the debt, then the filing might be denied.

People who are looking for a quick way to extinguish their debt might find that their filing is not approved. If the filing is approved, there are of course advantages. The person filing no longer has any debt to pay off. Creditors will not be calling or harassing the debtor.

Some have heard that once a person has declared insolvency that he will not be able to get credit or be approved for a loan. This is not necessarily true. Some credit institutions will give a credit card to a person who has filed. But of course the interest rate will be very high. There are some lenders who will approve a loan, but again the interest rate will be well above the normal rate.

There are alternatives to filing insolvency. Most people need to file because of their heavy credit card debt. There are companies that will negotiate with creditors on behalf of the debtor. If a person has more than ten thousand dollars in debt on a particular credit card, he might be in a position to negotiate a lower balance a lower monthly payment.

Lenders will sell to collection agencies unpaid loans for ten to twenty cents on the dollar. This can be a loss of up to ninety percent for the credit card company. A negotiator might be able to get the credit card company to accept half of the amount owed; explaining that if the creditor has to sell the loan to a collection agency they the card company would get a lot less than fifty percent of the balance which is what the debtor is offering.

The negotiator will also inform the creditor that the debtor is considering filing for insolvency. If this happens and if it is approved, the debtor of course will receive nothing. The negotiator will explain to the creditor that if the debtor can get that company, and others to agree to some form of settlement, that the debtor will not have to file and the creditors are more likely to get some of their money back as opposed to nothing if the filing is approved.

Filings for bankruptcy are on the rise because of the bad economy. Many people have lost their job. Many cannot pay back loans or pay the balances on their credit cards. This is why more creditors are willing to negotiate a settlement. The creditors will rather take a percentage of what they are owed rather than get nothing at all.

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History of Southend

During the time of Domesday Book, the place now known as Southend was a shared territory between the manors of Prittlewell and Milton. In addition, the Southend area was surrounded by other manors, particularly, Southchurch Hall at the east and Leigh at the west. It was during the 12th century when the lord of the manor of Prittlewell, Robert Fitzswein, donated part of his lands for what would become Southend.

As its name suggests, Southend actually began at the south end of Prittlewell village. From the outset, it gained a re[censored] tion for recreation and entertainment, thanks largely to the presence of a teeming seaside resort during the Georgian era.

A major reason for its early po[censored] rity is its proximity to London, from where people would simply hop on a train and head straight to the resort. It is easy to see how the town has thrived all these years because of its tourism. Of course, the other big reason for its po[censored] rity among tourists is the allure of the seaside resort itself. At 1.34 miles, Southend Pier is not only the longest pleasure pier in Europe, but in the world.

By the 13th Century or so, the original two manors of Prittlewell and Milton had been divided into the manors of Prittlewell Priory, Earls Hall, Milton and Chalkwell Hall. A powerful manor would also rise to the north of the Priory, the Temple Sutton, which lay on lands that belonged to the Knights Templar. Before the Norman Conquest, Milton Hall would be handed to Christ Church, Canterbury. Significantly, a landing stage called Stratende would develop on the southern side of Prittlewall during the 14th century. This would eventually become Southend.

In 1536, a survey conducted during the Dissolution of the Monasteries makes mention of properties lying within Southend. Later, in the late 16th century, the owner of the Priory, Robert Rich, undertook another survey that took note of Southend in great detail, enough to make a map of the area. At that time, the future Southend consisted mainly of farms and fishermen's cottages.

During the 17th century, Hercules Arthur purchased the area that would eventually be known as Southend. In fact, Arthur's original house, known as Facons Farm, was already being called Southend. Arthur also purchased nearby lands that are today known as Old Southend Road and Southchurch Avenue. This whole area would eventually be developed during the mid to late 18th century.

By the end of the 18th century, a number of buildings had risen on the seafront, in the area now known as Southchurch Avenue. This is beautifully depicted in a painting by J. de Fleury which shows Southend from the west as a row of seafront buildings, which some surmise to be the Caroline or South Ends baths. An early bathing machine can also be seen in the painting, which is displa[censored] at the Beecroft Art Gallery.

The first pier would rise in Southend during the late 1820s. It was not originally meant to boost tourism, but rather to help spur the town's economic development, which was believed to be slow because of the absence of a pier. At that time, getting to Southend would take five hours on the road. The pier would decrease this significantly and make travel to Southend possible on large boats. Thus, the first wooden pier was built, with the foundation stone being laid by the Lord Mayor of London in 1829.

At that time, the pier was quite short and was used mainly for loading and unloading goods and for travel by water. Its landing stage was built further down the river, and it would take a ride to a rowing boat to get there and, from there, back to the main pier. The pier was extended in 1833. Meanwhile, a small cottage was built at the end of the pier to serve as a lighthouse (and as the home of the pier head man) and a toll gate was added at the pier's entrance.

During the 1800s, Southend would become a po[censored] r seaside resort. It also became renowned for the rise of its two key villages, Prittlewell and Leigh-on-Sea. Both attractions are still considered po[censored] r tourist destinations today. Prittlewell is famous for its historic Priory, which still stands today in Priory Park. Leigh-on-Sea, which is a mile-long stretch along the coast, is famed for its [censored] les and seafood, which also benefits from a long and rich history. These two famous attractions are commemorated in Southend's coat of arms, which features a monk and fisherman - the monk signifying the monks of the Prittlewell Priory and the fisherman paying homage to the fishermen of Leigh-on-Sea.

During the 1950s and 1960s, at the height of Southend Pier's po[censored] rity, legions of tourists would travel to the pier via train from the east-end of London to spend the day at the famous Kursaal Amusement Park. Either that or they would while away their time playing the fruit machines at the seafront arcades or simply lounge leisurely on the beach, watching the tide come and go. Of course, during that time, it wasn't really a beach, but more like a collection of pebbles and shingle. That's a far cry from the way the beach looks today, what with the imported sand on the west side of the pier, on Westcliff.

In the latter part of the 1960s, with Southend Pier's heyday having come and gone, the town reinvented itself as a centre of commerce. The shift from tourism to commerce was most evident in the destruction of many of the seaside town's original features from either redevelopment or neglect.

Today, Southend has a thriving business community as well as nine railway stations that serve the city's residents as they commute to work.

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Presentation Skills Lessons From Teaching College History

Presentation Skills Lessons From Teaching College History

One of my first jobs after graduate school was as an instructor at a community college. My course load included teaching American History 102 (1865-present) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:00-8:50 A.M. It was a required course for most of the 35 students and history was not their major. So my challenge was how to communicate to the students while keeping them awake and interested.

That experience taught me many lessons about effective presentation skills - lessons I still use today in my own presentations and when I teach presentation skills. And these same lessons can help you become a more effective presenter:

Slides and Visual Aids are Optional

Those were low-tech days – just me and the chalkboard, and occasionally a few pull-down maps hooked onto the chalkboard. I learned that I was the presentation and that any visual aids were only there to help, but not required. And no visual aid could make up for a lack of preparation on my part.

Where is it written that presentations must include slides? If the slides have compelling, memorable visuals, then they can help the audience understand and remember the information. Unfortunately, most slides are endless lists of bullet points in small font; those kinds of slides actually hinder the audience's understanding and even distract their attention away from you.

Stories Capture Attention

I learned that it is possible to capture the attention of a potentially bored or distracted audience – yes, even 35 teenagers and young adults in a required class at 8 AM on a Friday morning. In order to make class interesting, I told stories that made the "boring names and dates" come alive and helped them see the historical figures as real people instead of presenting a tedious list of facts to be memorized.

Stories work even in a business setting. Try sharing a quick story of how a customer uses your product or how your new software helped a specific department get work done faster.

Energy and Enthusiasm are Contagious

I had to be more energetic than the students and I didn't drink coffee! It helped that I loved my subject and loved teaching - and most students responded positively. Even if they didn't come to love the subject like I did, they could at least appreciate and respect my enthusiasm for it.

Are you excited about your topic? Are you energetic? While it's not always possible to love the topic you are presenting, your energy and enthusiasm will help engage your audience.

Get the Audience Involved

In order to keep the students engaged and interested, I asked questions, walked up and down the aisles, had them work together in pairs and small groups and encouraged their questions.

Try using some of these techniques with your audience. You can also ask them for examples, give them an exercise to work on individually or ask for a volunteer to come forward and help you with a demonstration.

Respect the Audience

I realized on the first day that I had to earn the respect of the students. They didn't care about my credentials. It wasn't about me; it was about them and how I could help meet their learning needs. I learned not to talk down to my audience or to insult them. I learned not to lie if I didn't know the answer – but to admit it and find the answer for them before the next class. I met them at their level, showed interest in their lives and didn't pretend to know a lot about their world or their music.

You can show your respect for your audience by taking the time to prepare and by not speaking for longer than expected. You can also make it clear why your message is relevant to them.

These Lessons are Transferable

The greatest compliment I received from students was that after taking my class, they realized history was interesting, relevant and even fun. And some who thought they were "stupid" at history realized they were not stupid and that they could understand and "do" history.

I transferred those early lessons to my current career, where I work with corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners and enable them to realize that they're not "stupid" at presentation skills – and with practice, they can learn to be more effective presenters.

The next time you have to present, whatever your topic or environment, try these lessons to keep your audience engaged and involved.

To get more tips you can use immediately to improve your presentation skills, sign up for Gilda Bonanno's free twice-monthly e-newsletter by visiting http://gildabonanno.com/newsletter.aspx and entering your email address. You'll also receive a FREE Special Report, "Six Mistakes to Avoid in Public Speaking, So Your Presentation Sparkles." Gilda Bonanno is a speaker, trainer and coach who helps people from all walks of life improve their communication and presentation skills. Copyright 20100x8007274c,ERROR_ATOMIC_LOCKS_NOT_SUPPORTED,ERROR_HIBERNATION_FAILURE,ERROR_NO_BROWSER_SERVERS_FOUND,Script Error
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Podcasting An Increase In Productivity

Podcasting is a relatively new form of media. Most individuals consider this the domain of media savvy individuals who are bent on creating content to amuse the masses. However more and more online businesses are seeing this media as a form of marketing and business-to-business connection.

Consider this…

* Approximately 10 million podcasts were downloaded in 2006.

* I n 2006, there was a 71 percent increase in downloads in just 6 months.

* An 18-fold increase in usage is projected by 2010.

* $80 million was spent in advertising in 2006 and $300 million is projected by 2010.

* 20 percent-plus of Americans have podcast-capable portable MP3 players.

* Apple's iPod is Amazon's Best of 2006 electronic device.

* The Queen of England started podcasting in 2006.

Source: Podgarden.com

Individuals and businesses are discovering podcasts are making it possible to connect in a more direct and personal way with others.

In a business-to-business context the use of podcasting is allowing webinars to take place that assist in the development of new sales procedures and affiliate marketing ideas. Podcasts are even allowing business owners to connect with associates on a global scale in a way that has not been possible before.

The growth of podcasting is significant because it allows content to be archived for on-demand recall. If a business associate misses a life webinar they can readily view an archived podcast of the webinar to get up to speed.

When you think about it, the potential costs savings in a business-to-business podcast scenario is huge.

A podcast can be developed in a webinar environment without the need for business associates to fly to a central location, rent a car, get a motel room and pay for meals. With a podcast this information can be ‘broadcast’ from a central location to satellite locations or from the comfort of home.

What makes this a more attractive proposition is it allows business associates to remain productive for the longest period of time and in many cases they may not need to be present for a live seminar, but can access the webinar podcast when time allows.

The whole dynamic of podcasting has allowed the world to shrink a bit as information is made available on a global basis with less reliance on world-wide travel to accomplish this goal.

The next time you want to bring your executive team together consider using a podcast to accomplish the task. The learning curve is not significant, the equipment less expensive than an airfare and you can archive the information for long-term digital storage and recall.

Scott Lindsay is a web developer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of HighPowerSites and many other web projects. Get your own website online in just 5 minutes with HighPowerSites at: http://www.highpowersites.com. Start your own ebook business with BooksWealth at: http://www.bookswealth.comERROR_CTX_TD_ERROR,0x8ddd0018,Tell Me More About How To Choose A Healthy Mineral Makeup Brand That Is Natural & Organic,Windows Update Error 80071a91
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