Monday, March 28, 2016

Poisons In The Home

As your baby starts to move around the house, it is extremely important that you protect her from the poisons routinely kept in the home. Here are some tips to help keep your child safe.

Go through what you have and throw out what you don’t need

Have an old box of lye around? You’re probably not How to Choose the Right Christmas Gift For Friends, Families and Relatives ever going to use it, and it’s terribly The Workings and Benefits of Portable Oxygen dangerous, so get rid Inetcomm Dll of it. Keep only the products you really use, so that there are fewer things to have to keep locked up.

Keep things locked up

Assemble all your cleaning supplies, and put them in locked cabinets. Don’t assume that putting them in a higher cabinet keeps your child safe. Sometimes babies seem to learn to climb overnight, so simply storing items on a higher shelf might not be enough.

Don’t store poisons in old food containers

Your baby will learn early on to recognize things like a juice container or baby food jar so don’t use empty ones to store Windows 10 Error Code 0x800704cf hazardous products.

Throw empty containers away Are Houses In Arizona On The Way Up? What About Builders In Arizona? outside

Don’t put the empty bleach container in the kitchen trash can – rinse it and take it to the outside trash can immediately.

Check your plants

There are many common houseplants that are poisonous, including philodendron, English ivy, holly, mistletoe, and hyacinths, so it’s best mtnblogmix to remove these or keep them well out of reach.

Some things you might not think of as poisonous

Your cosmetics, over the counter medicines, vitamins, and mothballs can all be poisonous, so keep these locked up or out of the way. Get used to reading labels, so that you can keep tabs on new things that come into the house.

If you’ve never had children before, keeping up with products that can be poisonous can be a challenge at first. But, take some time, preferably before the baby is born, to sort through your items and store them properly. Then, be diligent about buying the safest items you can. For instance, non-chlorine bleach is safer than chlorine. And, always look for child-proof caps on products you plan to buy. Learn to substitute. Did you Transmit Error Code 1231 know you can use olive oil to polish furniture and vinegar to clean your hardwood floors? These kinds of substitutions can make your home safer, and give you fewer items to look up. And, finally, don’t forget to post your local poison control phone number right by the phone. It could save your child’s life.

Sarah is Outlook 2013 Error 0x800CCC90 a 41 year old wife and mother of two boys and one girl. She spent many years as a manager in the corporate world, and gave it up to be a stay at home mom. Click here now and get her incredible baby minicourse – absolutely free.

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