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Staying Healthy: Introduction to Operating Room Training

Registered nurses who work in surgery and support surgeons during processes need to have specialized training in the Windows 7 Fehler 7036 care of patients before, during and after H80004005 surgery. Training programs include classroom Win87em learning plus hands-on experience. This experience is needed to perform the necessary duties to keep surgery patients healthy.

The operating nurse is responsible for the communication between the surgical staff, patients and their families. Keeping the Equip Your Vehicle With Headrest Monitors For Better Enjoying Christmas Car-trip family plus the Msdasql Dll patient in the loop concerning the procedures that are being used is very important for patient stability. In addition the main training for operating rooms is to learn how to ensure that patient receives quality care while they are in the hospital and specifically while they are in the operating and recovery rooms. Training also includes sterilizing the surgical rooms, suturing incisions, and controlling bleeding. To be an effective surgical nurse you do need the skills to take care of the surgeon, the patient and the equipment.

Operating Room Programs

Perioperative certificate and degree programs are offered through nursing schools. These programs can be up to two years for certification and entry requires nurses to have a bachelor's degree in nursing as well as be CPR certified. There are continuing education programs through OSHA that require nurses to have critical care unit experience. Emergency room experience will also be valuable. The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses is the body that regulated testing, certification and training of operating nurses.


If you are a entering a certified Playing With Your Pets operating room program you will learn what it takes to pursue certification in this particular field of nursing. Nursing students can voluntary take the certification examination after completing 2400 hours of nursing in an operating room and finishing two years of classroom training. Certification lasts What are the Indications of Arthritis in Dogs? up to five years and you can be recertified though exams, contact hours or a professional portfolio. You will be highly employable if you obtain operating room certifications.

Training Courses

Operating room nurses programs covers operating room safety, disinfection and sterilization, surgical tool sterilization and instrument safety. You will also be educated on the proper preparation for skin, anesthesia assessments plus scrubbing and positioning the surgical patient. There are also classes on laser safety, proper draping the surgical patients and tourniquets as well as implants. You will gain exposure to specialized and general procedures through your operating room experience. Training courses can also provide hands on training in organ transplants neurosurgery as well as colon-rectal surgery. You will also need to take stress management classes to protect both you and the patient.


The employment outlook of registered nurses is growing more and more and expected to have a 22 percent growth by 2018. Rapid growth is also expected in hospital outpatient facilities as well as same day surgeries. The current salary figures are unavailable but in 2009, the median salary for a surgical room nurse was over Advantages of Hotel Reservation Websites $65,000.


Taking care of patients, surgeons and other surgical staff in an operating situation can be demanding and very satisfying. Stress management for patients as well as yourself is a benefit that can help in all aspects of your The Charm Of Handmade Leather Dog Collars life. Nursing is a very worthwhile career and helping patients stay healthy during surgical procedures is life giving.

For more Errore 2457 information, please visit our Introduction to the Operating Room Training website.

For more information, please visit our Introduction to the Operating Room Training website

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